Prayer and Essential Oneness

Prayer is like a door that leads to union with the One Essence. It is a moment of communion, a moment of remembrance.      

When we pray for something, it often appears to be an experience that includes three: the caller, the object of the call, and the One that is called.   

But sometimes we do not pray for anything in particular... and then prayer is experienced as a state of being, a pure remembrance of the heart. It is a moment of rest out of time.  

Although Prayer sometimes is experienced as the cry from an aching heart feeling a deep pain of separation, that pain and that feeling of separation are part of the whole and are bathed by the Essential Oneness that underlies all. We would not feel separate if we did not know our intrinsic unity with the One.  

Prayer is a moment of embracing, enveloping and crying from That who lives in us to Itself. It is the One Essence recognizing Itself through us and in us, Its creation. Prayer is a flow where the Infinite Essence calls to Itself, listens to Itself and responds to Itself. It is a circle where we are the caller, the call, and the answer.  

Prayer is remembrance, and remembrance is a way of weaving the golden thread of spirit into our daily living, an interweaving that offers us an experience of essential oneness in everyday experience.  

-- Please listen and enjoy the beautiful 3-minute video (below) called, 
Prayer,”by Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee from the Working with Oneness Archives     

(*)“Madona at Prayer,” at Santa Maria della Salute, Venice; 17th c.; Work of Art by Giovanni Battista Salvi da Sassoferrato; Courtesy of Web Gallery of Art

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