Last Nov.16th 2011, I was invited to the “Feminine Light of the Middle East Conference.” It was a wonderful all-day event organized by the Institute for Women's Enlightenment founded by Stephany LaneYarbrough, Ph.D., author of The Feminine Light-The Power of Being. This is a list of the speakers and panelists invited. It was amazingly inspiring to be part of such wonderful group of people. 

There are websites next to some of the names of the panelists where to find them directly:
Annie Gersh - UN Foundation Girl Up - girlup.org

Mrs. Hoori Sadler - Founding Chair PACI: paci.org
Nile El Wardani, MPH, PhD - public health, development & cultural diplomacy consultant & independent journalist: levantinecenter.org
Rudabeh Shahbazi - Eyewitness News Reporter: ABC 7 KABC
Mary Apick - Actress/Writer/Human Rights Activist: Beneath the Veil, A Fairy Tale in the Forest and Jewel of the Night - mary-apick.com

Suzie Abdou - Director Global Programs: womensvoicesnow.org
Necar Zadegan - Actress: Unthinkable, The Event, 24, CSI: Miami-
Elham Gheytanchi - Educator: Santa Monica College homepage.smc.edu/gheytanchi_elham/

Malaak Hattab - Child Actress: Purple Sail, Murder 101- malaakhattab.com
Nonie Darwish - Author/ Human and Women's Rights Activist: formermuslimsunited.org
Samira Kazemeni - Miss Exotic Lady World and Miss Iran 2011
Suzi Khatami - Radio Host/Producer - 670amkirn.com
Amie Williams - Executive Director/Co-Founder: globalgirlmedia.org
Meena Nanji - International Programs/Co-Founder: globalgirlmedia.org
Tabby Biddle - Journalist Girl's Empowerment: tabbybiddle.com
Sharon Jakubecy - M.AmSAT Alexander Tech: sharonjakubecy.com
Kirsten Giles - Development Coordinator: writegirl.org
Fariba Mansouri - Clinical Psychologist: faribamansouri.com
Dr. Shahrzad (Sherry) Sami - happykidsdentalplanet.com
Foojan Zeine - Psychotherapist: foojan.com
Libby and Len Traubman - Co-founders, Jewish-Palestinian Living Room Dialogue: http://traubman.igc.org/global.htm
Sheila Vosough Ommi - MC, Actress, Comedian -

Linda Higdon - Founder/Host: globalroomforwomen.com
Biija - Artist: biijafineart.com
Wendy Arnold - Educator: pepla.org
Max Amini - Comedian: maxamini.com
Stephanie Dawn - Sacred Birth Counselor: stephaniedawn.com
Elan Frank - Women's Filmmaker: elanproductions.net
Alex Warden - Sufi Mystic/Montessori Educator: 
Jalaledin Ebrahim - Ph.D. Candidate in Depth Psychotherapy:

Yaelle Shaphir - Wellness Healer: yaelleshaphir.com
Liyah Lapidot - Singer/Song Writer: liyah.net
Dalit Argil - Singer/Song Writer
Maya Gabay - Sacred Dancer of the Middle East - bellysecrets.com

Banafsheh Sayyad - Sacred Dancer, Teacher, Acupuncturist, www.namah.net
Jodie Myers - Birthing Filmmaker: mybirthmovie.com
Stephany Yarbrough - Founder IOWE: instituteofwomensenlightenment.com
Aleya Sher Coolidge - Amabassador IOWE
Lila Sadafi - Director of Corporate and Sponsor Relations IOWE
Juliette de Haas - Asst. Director of Corporate and Sponsor Relations IOWE
Shaeda Moghaddam - Inspiring Coordinator
Jacques Derosena - Inspiring Coordinator
David Rosenthal - Sound Engineer
Sepehr Khosravi- Filmmaker

(*) “Isztar Gate” fragment; Picture Courtesy of Radziemhttp://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fragment-bramy-isztar.jpg

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