The Feminine Principle and Our Evolution of Consciousness

A few excerpts from my latest article recently published in
Light of Consciousness Journal Summer 2013, VOL. 25 NO. 2.
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As an aspect of consciousness, the feminine is natural wisdom, an understanding that often manifests as Knowing without thinking. This primordial wisdom senses and understands from within. -- Alex Warden, The Feminine Principle and Our Evolution of Consciousness

By witnessing and consciously experiencing how the thread of life weaves everything together and unites all, the miracle, grandeur, and magic of existence becomes visible once again.

When we live from the feminine consciousness, life is experienced as wondrous and alive. There is a natural sense of togetherness and belonging...The child does not experience herself separate from her mother, the human does not experience herself separate from nature. 
They are One.

The feminine knows its unity with “all” in the same way a pregnant mother knows her union with her unborn child--through experience. 

“If we understand the universe as an increasing embodiment of consciousness or spirit, we can appreciate how consciousness has been incarnating into matter, rooting into substance, or as depicted in the Bible, by being breathed into the dust of the ground. Matter, a word that in its ancient origin signifies mother, source and substance, represents what is often called the Feminine Principle.”

“The Feminine Principle, worshiped for thousands of years as the goddess, the feminine side of God and the sacred feminine, is the protective womb of the spirit, the container that brings the uncreated into existence, the cup that holds the meaning of life, as well as the web that keeps the whole of life together. This principle holds the knowing of union, wholeness and interconnectedness, the understanding that everything is linked to everything else. The feminine expresses itself throughout the cosmos in myriad forms and ways—as a type of consciousness or knowing, as Earth, as nature, as a woman, and even as an aspect of both men and women.”