Dawn of InterSpirituality End of Year Retreat

Mexico Cadena Radio interviews Alex and Jaime on  Healing Gender Equity and Reconciliation International 

Presenting Gender Equity and Reconciliation International 

International Interfaith Gathering of Prayer for Healing

Dawn of InterSpirituality Costa Rica

Silvina Chediek interviews Alex Warden Radio Nacional

Wedding of Clara and Nick

Mantra Channel and Radio: Derecho Humano
Cecilia Reybet Interviews Alex
Sentidos Radio: De Maestros a Maestros
Marce Soto Interviews Alex
Latina Channel and Radio: Combustible Espiritual -- Ari Paluch Interviews Alex

Mega TV: Mucho Gusto
Interview on Dreamwork

Coffee Brown TV:
Interview on Dreamwork and Spirituality

Channel 13, Chile: Bienvenidos: 
Interview on Different Kinds of Dreams

The Secret Message in Dreams

Vida Top: 
Interview on Feminine and Masculine Consciousness 

TV Regional Channel 25
Themas de Interés
Thema interviews Alex Warden 
about the Sacred Feminine and Spiritual Ecology.
Hablando Franco TV (Nov.15') Carlos Franco interviews Alex Warden 

about Spiritual Ecology and the Mystical Path

NetSpirit and Gonzalo Bosch White (Oct.14' - part 2)
interview Alex Warden about her spiritual experiences, longing and the search for God-- In Spanish.

NetSpirit and Gonzalo Bosch White (part 1)
interview Alex Warden about Spirituality -- consciousness of oneness, and the role of dreams in the development of a relational consciousness. In Spanish. 

NETSPIRIT  TV  (part 3)
An Interview with Alex Warden about Spirituality. In Spanish
What is God? What is a Human Being? 


An interview with Alex Warden about Spirituality. In Spanish
Life, Karma and Death 


Excerpt of a Movie by Megan McFeely about the Feminine.
Click below to listen to short parts of Megan interviewing Alex Warden 


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Art by Amanda Clark

Dummy: A Memoir

This trailer includes a few short interviews to professionals who speak about the profound impact David Patten's book had on them. I was lucky to be included among the interviewees (minute 5:01)

Please Press Here to Watch the Video

Institute of Women's Enlightenment: 
The Feminine Light in the Middle East Symposium
You can find 2 short parts of my talk on minutes 3'50'' and 12´50''

* Note: “The Spiral of Life,” a Bronze Age symbol