Author of Remembrance: a Vision of the Sacred Feminine and the Renewal of the Earth (Spanish Version Una Mujer Nueva) and El Llamado de mi Corazón, Alejandra Warden is a contemplative, educator, international lecturer and author devoted to follow the call of her heart - to witness and experience the essential oneness that underlies all creation. Living from a place deeply rooted in the Feminine, she understands that by reconnecting to a consciousness of oneness we nourish a world hungry for meaning. Alex is devoted to creating a space where a sense of oneness and relatedness can take place and where spirituality can be grounded in everyday life.

Born in Argentina, Alejandra felt called to spirituality since a young age. Her work is the result of her training in the field of education and as a student of a mystical path, as well as three key consciousness-shifting spiritual experiences. Having studied traditional and non-traditional systems of pedagogy in Argentina and the US, Alex founded and directed two elementary schools where she trained teachers in the implementation of different educational methodologies for ten years. Her interest in education was born out of a non-dual mystical experience at age fourteen, which expanded her awareness from a consciousness of separation to a consciousness of the oneness and interrelation of all things. Since then, Alex broadened her biblical studies to include sacred books of many paths, the life of mystics and comparative religion, the works of Jung and Assagioli, and the theory of Gestaltism. 

At age thirty-six Alejandra moved with her husband and twins to the US, and a few months later she experienced a mystical encounter and Kundalini awakening that expanded her perception to a cosmic consciousness of the infinite and non-being that initiated a seven-month period of daily spiritual experiences where she received teachings on the feminine principle -- the love-wisdom and beingness qualities of God. These teachings revealed to her the relation between love and consciousness, the evolutionary journey of love-consciousness through matter, and the way in which the love-wisdom of the divine feminine manifest in different realms of existence, including the angelic, the elemental, the cosmic, the planetary and the human dimensions. Alex’s sensitivity to the environment, thoughts, emotions and souls of people as well as to other planes of reality became so acute during this phase, that she felt a need for retreat and quiet. She left the city for a rural life and during the following ten years she dedicated herself to homeschooling her children and to an intensive spiritual training under the guidance of her spiritual guide, a mystic and Jungian psychologist during which she integrated many aspects of herself and faced several trials until her spirituality and consciousness could be grounded in her every day life.

The end of this introspective period was marked by a third mystical encounter in which Alejandra met her soul-teacher, Sri Ahmad, from whom she received a blessing that opened her heart to a deeper level of non-dual consciousness. Soon after, she began to travel to Latin America to share the teachings of her guide and by his request she wrote her autobiography, El llamado de mi Corazón, which was published in 2014. At the same time, in the United States, Alex created the project Essential Oneness, studied spiritual direction and interspiritual mentorship, and devoted herself to sharing the teachings of the wisdom-love of the divine feminine and the evolution of consciousness she had received in the past -- knowledge and practices that later became the foundation of her actual work.

Since 2007 Alejandra has been counseling to individuals and groups. She teaches university courses and facilitates workshops, seminars and retreats for professionals in the body-mind-heart healing arts, and other members of the interested public on various expressions of the feminine including: the divine feminine and the world soul, consciousness of oneness, energy dynamics, wisdom and spirituality of the new feminine, inner marriage, dreams and spiritual experiences, and education for a new era. Alex has been interviewed in print and broadcast media and is featured in the documentary As She Is. She also contributed to the  book How Do You Pray and wrote for Uno Mismo, the leading spiritual magazine in Argentina. In 2022 her book Una Mujer Nueva, will be published in English.  Alejandra lives in Washington State with her husband.

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