Alex Warden is a mystic devoted to answering the call of her heart—to witness and experience the essential oneness that underlies all creation. Living from a place deeply rooted in the feminine, she understands that by reconnecting with our relational consciousness we nourish a world hungry for meaning. An international lecturer, spiritual mentor, educator, and author, she is devoted to creating a space where a sense of oneness and relatedness can take place and where spirituality can be grounded in everyday life. She has been working with groups and individuals since 1985.

Her work is the result of two intense spiritual periods in her life. When Alex was fourteen she had a non-dual spiritual awakening that grew over the ensuing years into a deep perception of the oneness and interconnectedness of all things. She discovered the outward expression this perception would take over the next sixteen years when, while traveling through Europe after high school, she stumbled upon a Dutch school that followed the Montessori method, an educational system that did not exist in Argentina, her country of birth. The spiritual nature of this kind of education, based in part on the precept that the evolution of life on Earth relates to the embodying of progressive levels of Love, suggested to Alex that she could live the spiritual dimension of her being through her profession.

Education became Alex’s spiritual daily practice. She founded and directed the first elementary Montessori-inspired school in Argentina, an ecological bilingual school which quickly grew to have over 300 students and forty teachers. She trained educators and developed curricula, writing and lecturing extensively in her country and abroad on educational principles and methodologies. Alex was fortunate to meet one of the few living Montessori disciples, F. Wolf, who lived in Buenos Aires and offered to mentor her. Yet, feeling a longing that was not easily satisfied, Alex needed to know more about life, people and herself. She read extensively the works of Jung and Assagioli, the Gestalt principles, and the teachings of Christian mystics. She studied and experienced various systems of personal and spiritual development, such as anthroposophy, theosophy, tensegrity, and transpersonal psychology.

Ultimately, Alex envisioned a new way to address the needs of the souls and minds of the children of this New Era. During this time she gave several talks and developed an educational program based on her research in this area of human development.

The direction of Alex’s life changed completely when she married and had children. She felt a strong desire to dedicate herself fully to rearing her kids. In addition, childbirth led to a deeper degree of non-dual consciousness and energetic awakening that dramatically increased her sensitivity to the thoughts and emotions of people around her and to other realms of reality; she felt excessively exposed to the energies in the environment and was drawn to a more secluded life. The flow that had previously led to a passionate and active public life pulled her inward, to an introspective state.

In 1996 Alex moved with her family to the United States where she met her Teacher, Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee PhD. This meeting answered the deepest call of her heart of hearts. Under his direction, Alex deepened her inner search, undergoing an intensive process of purification and a rigorous spiritual training. She faced many challenging trials and was forced to confront and integrate many aspects of her being, thereby gaining a greater insight about herself. This work strengthened her profound connection to the feminine and to the Earth, and helped her to achieve increasing degrees of inner freedom, until her experience of the infinite, of non-existence and of the interrelatedness of all, became something she could live and ground in the spirituality of her demanding everyday life.

As her kids grew older and became more independent, Alex felt her own need of seclusion slowly come to an end. After more than a decade of inner retreat, during which she devoted much of her time to homeschooling her children, Alex gradually found the time to translate her Teacher’s work and travel abroad to share his Teachings. Later, she also began to lecture and offer workshops and retreats on feminine spirituality, relational consciousness, spiritual ecology, meditation, dream studies, and the mystical path in Latin America and the US

In addition to Alex's one-to-one spiritual counseling practice on the feminine path of inner-freedom, since 2011 she has been holding online dream-study groups with English and Spanish speaking participants. In her spare time, Alex also blogs for the Huffington Post. Her spiritual autobiography, “El Llamado de mi Corazón” (The Call of My Heart), was published in 2014 and she was a contributor to the book How do You Pray? 

Alex Warden holds an Argentinean teaching degree, and a  United States Elementary Montessori teaching degree and Spiritual Mentor certificate. She has extensive experience in Christianity, Sufism and the Great Mother tradition.

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