Speaking Engagements: Alex is available as a speaker or presenter at conferences, seminars, forums or celebrations.  Some topic examples are listed below. ()

Workshops: Alex holds a variety of workshops integrating a more formal presentation, with an experiential element structured around various themes listed in the speaking topics below. ()

Spiritual RetreatsSpiritual Retreats last a minimun of 2 nights and three days. During these events groups deepen their study and practice on a predetermined topic through practices designed for each type and level of study. ()

Spiritual Direction: This work helps individuals and groups with integrating aspects of themselves (inner marriage), parenting children of the new era, bringing the spiritual into everyday life, and finding the inner voice that guides each person in his or her journey. 

Women’s Circles:  Alex offers both women’s spiritual circles and women’s leadership circles which help women to uncover and celebrate “womanness”  (or what it really means to be a woman) and reconnect to the feminine qualities that nurture self and life. In the leadership circles women learn how to lead from within and explore bringing feminine nature into a culture ruled by masculine values.

Dream Study Circles: in person and through Internet, Alex holds monthly group meetings in the US and Abroad, in English and Spanish.

The Way of the Woman: The woman’s way is a very deep process of inner liberation where women journey to the core of their feminine essence and consciously meet the forces of nature that live within them.

()   Examples of Speaking, Workshop, and Retreat Topics:

Consciousness and the Feminine
- Relational Consciousness: a new awareness born from the Feminine.
- Feminine Consciousness: the art of living the ancient, forgotten and often misunderstood feminine consciousness. 
- Embracing a New Era of Oneness and Individuality. 

- The Power of Prayer--entering the Sacred Space
- Prayer and Meditation--the power of Silence 
- Sunrays: an interspiritual approach to the many paths to the Divine.

Spiritual Ecology
- True Love; Healing the Earth Wounds—becoming the “eyes and ears” of our planet. 
- Seeds of the Future—shining light on what is being born today for a new tomorrow. 
- The Living Oneness—weaving oneness into our everyday life. 

The Feminine
- Feminine Wisdom
- Feminine Spirituality 
- Women in Charge—living and leading through womanhood in a masculine marketplace. 

Dream Studies:
- Souldreams--the land where dreams come from

New Children
- The New Color of Humanity—for parents, caretakers and educators of children of this new era. 

(*) “Knotwork 1;” Artwork by Debbie Bouwmeester-Fasek
Courtesy of Three Swans Studio